Continuous Improvement

  • Ecotoxicological tests and water treatment system
  • The drainage of wastewater is carried out using a pump which brings water towards three retention tanks of 50 m3. Then, the laboratory undertakes ecotoxicological tests on treated industrial water. To validate the drainage in Meuse, a long scientific study carried out by an official organization recommended two tests on living organisms: daphnia’s and green alga’s.

  • Air treatment
  • Putting in service such a system is necessary to the safety of the workers. New installations oxidise organic materials present in the air above the formulation vats. Thermal oxidation involves heating waste gases to a temperature that is high enough to produce an oxidation reaction with the oxygen present in the air. The organic compounds in the gases are oxidised into inorganic compounds (carbon dioxide, water and even nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide).

  • Packaging performances
  • To continuously improve its packaging performance, Arysta LifeScience Benelux has invested in state of the art dedicated packaging lines for bottling its high quality phytosanitary products. Mewes and Adrians boxes were installed in 2012.

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